Parish news November 2021


Billingborough Parish Council Newsletter

Let us remember – a Remembrance Day a service will be held in St Andrews Church, Billingborough, on Sunday 14th November, at 10.15am. A time to remember all the brave, who selflessly gave their life that we may have a better one. 

Our Councillor vacancy generated much interest resulting in several people applying for the post.  Interviews are scheduled to take place in early November, so if you intended to apply but haven’t yet, you still have time to do so.

A big welcome goes - to Karen who recently joined our village Maintenance Team to look after the Spring Wells area, which is our much loved tourist attraction.  

Our thanks go to – Geoff for kindly storing our VE day bench prior to its installation, to Mr Taylor for so kindly donating three flags,(the Union one is currently flying), to Kirsty for planting up our village entrance planters with winter flowers and spring bulbs and for volunteering to undertake their maintenance, to Andrew for his continued care of the Spring Wells planters, to those who submitted suggestion for our upcoming budget, to all those kind residents who popped their excess produce outside their homes for passing residents to take for free and to all those who took the time to give us positive feedback on our newly installed VE Day Commemorative bench. It was so heartening to receive so many positive comments!

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – we will be holding a public meeting in late January to discuss how the village wants to celebrate/recognise this historic occasion. Details of the date and location will be announced in our January Newsletter. So please put on your thinking caps. All ideas/suggestions will be considered.

Ideas please – we intend to purchase two decorative village entry signs and would like ideas as to what their design should include to represent the village. So if you have any ideas please let us know and if you could provide a picture or sketch that would be brilliant. 

The Village Hall – is now open and available for hire. It also offers a daily variety of classes and groups, which include fitness, well-being, martial art classes, an art group, toddler group, ladies group and the weekly Pop-in-too” coffee/social morning and lunch, further details can be found on their Facebook page -Billingborough Village Hall. Their AGM which is open to everyone is taking place on Sunday 12th December at 4pm in the hall, so if you’d like to know more about the hall, its part in our community and meet the committee, why not pop that date in your diary? The committee would love to see you and hear your ideas!  If you’d like to stand for the committee please contact the secretary at 

Billingborough Community Gym – is back in action, so why not give it a go? It’s situated at the back of the village hall and opens on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am – 12.00 and 5pm – 7pm. The charge is £5 for an induction session and then £5 per session or £16 per calendar month.  The gym is run totally by volunteers and has eight fully qualified instructors, who are truly passionate about what they do and who will gently guide and encourage you to achieve your goals. It is a very friendly gym that caters for all levels of ability, with its main aim being to improve health and wellbeing. So if you’ve often thought you’d like to give it a try or like more information, then why not call them on 07577 030548 or 01529 241500 for a chat. NB All staff are first aiders and there is a defibrillator on site. 

The Wednesday Club – if you like meeting up for coffee/tea and a natter and learning about various topics in a light hearted way, then why not pop along to the Village Hall, at 7.30pm, on the first Wednesday of the month? You can either attend as a guest or become as a member. The November topic is the history of businesses in Billingborough and December is the Christmas party, when there’ll be delicious food, music and lots of frivolity!   

A Food bank – is now open fortnightly between 11am and 1pm, at the “Pop-in Too” coffee morning, which is held every Wednesday in the village hall.  Food bank dates in November are 3rd & 17th.    

The birds are no longer nesting – so now is the perfect opportunity for you to cut back any of your garden foliage or branches that overhangs public footpaths or roads – thank you.

Fallen leaves – we know they’re fun to jump in but unfortunately they become hazardous when wet and also if left get blown about and block our antiquated drains. So please be courteous to pedestrians and considerate to our drains and clear any fallen leaves from paths near your house – thank you.     

Doggies deposit but do you scoop? – well we hope you do – but unfortunately it’s very evident that some dog walkers don’t. So we ask you to put yourself in someone’s shoes that’s walked through your dog’s poo that you haven’t picked up. It’s not nice is it?? It’s sticky, messy stuff that takes an age to get off and on a dark night often goes un noticed until you’ve trampled it onto your lovely carpet. So if you’re walking a dog on any public path be it in the village or surrounding countryside, please take the time to pick up their poo and pop it in your bin or a litter bin but please not in a hedge as you pass by. THANK YOU!    

Changing direction safely – please don’t do a ‘u’ turn in the middle of the High St, reverse into Church St and pull out into traffic you can’t see properly and that won’t be expecting you, with Church St being a one way street or reverse into Chapel St, without any idea what’s on its way to the High St junction. We politely ask that you add those extra few seconds to your journey and turn responsibly somewhere safe. Unfortunately, each day many, many vehicles do these manoeuvres and take this risk, so it’s only a matter of time until a serious accident happens. Therefore PLEASE drive responsibly, to ensure you’re not the one to cause that impending accident – Thank you.       

What’s occurred we’ve installed our VE day bench, the signage re feeding the waterfowl, our plaque of thanks and the new notice board. We have also painted two benches in the cemetery a pretty shade of green and had all our hedges cut.

What’s on its way –our two new items of play-equipment – unfortunately due to material shortages, we are still awaiting the arrival of these and have been advised that they should be with us by early November.

Doorstep fraud - involves criminals knocking on your door and unexpectedly offering goods or services. Fraudsters convince you to pay for goods or work on your home, which is often overpriced, or poor quality or is not even carried out. In many cases the work they're offering isn't even needed on your home. Protect yourself from this by checking, details, tel. nos. etc., ask questions, for references from previous customers or to see examples of their work. Don’t sign on the spot, shop around and get at least three written quotes. If in any doubt, ask the person to leave or call Citizens Advice on 0808 223 1133! For more information visit:

Clerk at  07415 842591

Chairman at  07810 861089


Published: Thursday, 28th October 2021