A Councillor met with a representative from The Crown Estate Commissioners recently and reported the results at the last Council meeting. The draft minutes of that Council meeting have now been published on the Parish council website:

The feedback from the meeting with The Crown Estate’s representative is summarised below:

1.   Regarding public memory of the paddock being used by the public and belief that the land belonged to the village, details of the Crown’s ownership had been provided. The representative said that the land had always been tenanted throughout that ownership and has always therefore, been agricultural land. It was suggested that previous tenants may not have used it as such and may have chosen to permit the village to use it, without the knowledge of The Crown Estate.

2.   Regarding the condition of the trees, photographs were taken and the representative agreed to ask their tree surveyors to inspect the land and report any recommendations for works required. The Council had suggested planting approx. 6 new saplings and it was agreed to seek the advice of the tree surveyors as to the type and number and seek permission from The Crown Estate to action this.

3.   Regarding the wall on the West side of the paddock, photographs were taken and the representative advised that repairs to boundaries were a tenant’s responsibility and the tenant would be advised.

4.   Regarding the pillar that was in a state of disrepair, this was under ownership of the Church, it had been classified as a “closed” churchyard, and since then SKDC were responsible for maintenance of the churchyard. It was therefore presumed that this was also under the remit of SKDC. The representative asked to be updated with any progress of repair.(NB. AFTER LOBBYING FROM THE PCC AND THE PC, THIS HAS NOW BEEN REPAIRED AND THE CROWN INFORMED)

5.   Regarding the installation of disability access to the site, the representative stated that it would be difficult to install this where the two kissing gates were at either end of the path, and that most public access across agricultural land usually has such gates or stiles.

6.   Regarding repairing the tarmac path across the paddock, the representative reported that they could not find any record of the installation of the path and this would not be something that they would be looking to upgrade currently.

7.   Cllr Woodhead asked if the white railings at the surgery end could be painted and the representative agreed to look into this.

8.   The representative was also asked about the trees that overhang the jitty running alongside the farmhouse on Low St and agreed to add this to their contractors list of works to be completed in September after the nesting season.