Billingborough Parish Council is made up of nine elected members  - comprising the Chair, Vice-Chair and seven members - all unpaid volunteers who work for the benefit of the community and all local residents.

The Clerk to the Parish Council is a paid, part-time employee.

The Parish Council is fully accountable and subject to detailed audit.

Parish Council Meetings are usually held every other month, starting in January. However, as from January 2023, the number of meetings will be increased to 9 per year, taking place on the second Tuesday of every month EXCEPT for the months of  APRIL, AUGUST and DECEMBER.  

The meetings usually start at 6.45pm and are preceded by a Public Forum, which starts at 6.30pm,  where you can ask the Parish Council questions or make proposals for what you would like to see done (or not done) in Billingborough. Your feedback is invaluable.

If no members of the public are present at 6.30pm, then Council meeting will commence at 6.30pm.

To see the Future Parish Council Meeting dates schedule, click HERE.

You can also observe any Public Meeting, to see how and why the decisions are made; remember, this is Your Council, spending the money we receive from SKDC through Your Council Tax!

If you wish to be informed of any date changes, please see the News section. The confirmed details of the next meeting will be published as part of the Agenda.

This can be found on the Parish Council Noticeboard (situated adjacent to the Post Office, on the High Street, Billingborough).

All enquiries about this website or content, please contact the Parish Clerk.