January 2022 Agenda

Notice of Billingborough Parish Council Meeting, Sports Pavilion at the Recreation Ground on Tuesday 11 Jan 2022

Members of Billingborough Parish Council are hereby summoned to attend the above commencing at 6.45pm. Members of the public are invited to attend. The meeting will be preceded with a Public Forum at 6.30pm, at which time any parishioner is invited to ask questions, make suggestions, raise issues or give feedback to the Council. All Members are requested to be in attendance. The Public Forum will be followed by the formal Council meeting. If no public are present at 6.30pm the full meeting of the Council will commence. Unless stated in the Agenda, any items raised at the Public Forum requiring a decision, will appear on the Agenda at the next meeting. This meeting will be recorded.

Hayley Beaver
Clerk to the Council
3 Jan 2022


1.   Chairman’s opening Remarks

2.   Apologies for absence.

3.   Receive any new declarations of interest.

4.   Possible Co-option. (If required - Decision on applicant/s – All)

5.   Approve draft minutes of the meeting held 9 Nov 2021 (All)

6.   Receive any external reports. (County and District Cllrs, Police, etc)

7.   Receive any Community groups or Organisation reports – as required. (BAGS- Cllr Cope, Toller Trust- Cllr Stafford, Village Hall – Cllr Major, YOS – Cllr Labinjo, School – Cllr Vince, Police – Cllr Surtees. Cllrs Training – Cllr Richardson.)

8.   Clerk’s Report. 

9.   Finance Matters:

a)   To Resolve to approve the previously circulated accounts which include the year up to 31 Dec 2021. (RFO; Decision – All)

b)   To agree to resolve to the payment of invoices on the previously circulated list of transactions for approval. (RFO; Decision – All)

c)   To agree to Clerk’s attendance on a cemetery management and compliance course with a cost of £45 for two days. (Chairman; Decision – All).

d)   To discuss and agree by resolution which of any quotes received for the cutting of the cemetery grass to accept, and if no quotes have been received to agree by resolution whether to re-advertise or to revert to the contractor cutting the area as before. (Chairman – Decision – All)

e)   To discuss and set by resolution, the Precept request for 2022/23 (Chairman – Decision – All)

f)   To agree by resolution, the new projects to adopt for 2022/23 (Chairman – Decision – All)

g)   To agree by resolution, the final budget for 2022/23 (Chairman – Decision –All) 

10.   Admin Matters:

a)   Parks and Greenspaces application – update. Chairman; Decision – All)

b)   To agree if any amendments are required to the BAGS Contract. (Chairman; Decision – All)

c)   To agree if any amendments are required to the horsefield rental contract, including the provision of a gate. (Chairman; Decision – All)

d)   To agree to the Heads of Terms for the LALC Internal Audit (Chairman; Decision – All)

e)   Planning applications; if required. (Chairman; Decision - All)

11.   Village Matters:

a)   Recreation Ground –

1.To discuss and resolve whether to take forward the proposals of i) marking out the football pitch and ii) the proposal of starting junior football coaching. (Cllr Richardson; Decision – All)

2. Junior Cricket Club Enquiry, report and update. (Chairman and Cllr Turner; Decision – All)

3. To advise of and agree responsibility for, maintenance of the new play park equipment. (Chairman – Decision – All)

4. Pavilion Risk Assessment update – (Chairman and Cllr Major; Decision – All).

b)   Springwells:

1.   To agree which quote to accept for works to lay slabs in front of all remaining benches. (Chairman; Decision – All)

2.   To ratify the appointment of the Caretaker for the Springwells area. (All)

c)   Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – update following meeting on the 8th Jan, discuss any arrangements and delegate tasks as required. (Chairman – Decision – All)

d)   Village Signs - to discuss submitted art work/style of sign/any quotes received and to resolve on all three. (Chairman; Decision – All)

e)   Emergency Plan – update (Chairman and Cllr Major – Decision – All)

f)   Jitties – any update. (Chairman; Decision – all)

g)   Competition Pics – To agree winner. (Cllr Vince – Decision – All) 

h)   Speed Stats, if available (Cllr Major, any decision – All) 

i)   Old Noticeboard – to arrange removal and agree onward use. (Chairman; Decision – All)

j)   The Great British Spring Clean; to agree participation and any advertising. (Chairman; Decision – All).

k)   Closed Session:

1.   To ratify preparations put in place in the event of the Death of a National Senior Figure. (Chairman; Decision – All).

2.   Update on additional land. (Chairman; Decision – All).

Next meeting: Tuesday 8 March at the Pavilion, Recreation Ground.