January 2019 Agenda

Notice of Billingborough Parish Council Meeting

Billingborough Primary School – Monday 14 January 2019

Members of Billingborough Parish Council are hereby summoned to attend the above meeting. Members of the public are invited to attend. The meeting will be preceded with a Public Forum at 6.30pm, at which time any parishioner is invited to ask questions, make suggestions, raise issues or give feedback to the Council. The Public Forum will be followed by the formal Council Meeting at 6.45pm. Unless stated in the Agenda, any item raised at the Public Forum that requires a decision, will appear on the Agenda at the next meeting. Anyone wishing to video or audio record the meeting is requested to notify the Clerk in advance to enable reasonable requirements to be accommodated.

Christopher Clark, Clerk to the Council 8th January 2019



1. Chairman’s Opening Remarks

2. Apologies for absence

3. Receive any new Declarations of interest

4. Councillor Vacancies & Possible Co-option (Decision on applicant/s – All) (if applicable)

5. Approve Minutes of the Meetings on 10 November & 10 December (All)

6. Receive any External Reports (incl. County & District Councils; Police & Fire if available)

7. Receive any Community Group & Organisation Reports (where available)

8. Parish Matters: a. Tree Work Update (Cllr Stafford)

b. Review of Recreation Ground Pavilion Usage Agreement (Cllr King)

c. Spring Wells Sluice Gate & Weedcatcher Update (Cllr Stafford)

d. Aveland Site Ownership (Cllr King)

e. Emergency Plan (Chairman; Decision on Meeting, Attendees & Plan Template – All)

f. Newsletter

9. Finance Matters:

a. FY2018/19 Accounts to Date (details circulated separately) (RFO)

i. Independent Inspection (Cllr Vince)

ii. Approval of Expenditure (All)

b. Approval of FY2019/20 Budget & Precept (All)

c. Ammendment to Financial Regulation 10.4

10. Planning Applications (Comments on new applications – All) (if required)

11. Receive any Urgent Reports

12. Clerk’s Report & Correspondence (including FOI requests & Safeguarding if required) a. Items for the next Agenda


Next Meeting: Monday 11 March 2019 at the Billingborough Primary School