January 2021 Agenda

Notice of Billingborough Parish Council Meeting

Via Zoom – Tuesday 12 January 2021


Members of Billingborough Parish Council are hereby summoned to attend the above meeting. Members of the pubic are invited to attend. The meeting will be preceded with a Public Forum at 6.30pm, at which time any parishioner is invited to ask questions, make suggestions, raise issues or give feedback to the Council. The Public Forum will be followed by the formal Council Meeting at 6.45pm. Unless stated in the Agenda, any item raised at the Public Forum that requires a decision, will appear on the Agenda at the next meeting. This meeting will be recorded. The details of joining the meeting are as follows;


Topic: Billingborough Parish Council Zoom Meeting

Time: Jan 12, 2021 6:15 PM London


Join Zoom Meeting



Meeting ID: 242 950 3068

Passcode: 5TdrLi


Hayley Beaver, Clerk to the Council                                                04 January 2021



1.     Chairman’s Opening Remarks

2.     Apologies for absence

3.     Receive any new Declarations of interest

4.     Approve Minutes of meetings held 3 and 17 Nov 2020.

5.     Councillor vacancies and possible co-option. (Decision on applicant/s – All)

6.     Receive any external reports (County, District Cllrs, Police, etc)

7.     Receive any Community reports (YOS, Toller, etc)

8.     Clerk’s Report and Correspondence.

9.     Finance Matters:

a.  FY2020/21Accounts to Date (details circulated separately) (RFO)

i.    Approval of Expenditure (All)

b.  Approve payments of current annual subscriptions. (Decision – All)

c. Approval of FY2020/21 Budget & Precept (details circulated separately) (All)

10.      Village Matters

a.    Parish Meeting – Allocation of tasks, if any (Chairman– Decision- All)

b.    New Website – Comments, suggestions and responsibility. (Chairman – Decision – All)

c.    Village passageways – update and action required. (Chairman – Decision - All)

d.    Parking Issues - update (Chairman – Decision – All)

e.    Noticeboard – update and plan of action. (Chairman – Decision – All)

f.     Additional speed sign – update and allocation of tasks (Chairman – Decision – All)

g.    Planters – update and plan of action. (Cllr Vince – Decision – All)

h.    Aveland Land Development Plan – Update. (Chairman – Decision – All)

i.      BAGS Agreement – review agreement, schedule any allocation of task. (Chairman– Decision – ALL)

j.      Sports Pavilion – update, schedule of worksallocation of tasks. (Chairman – Decision – All)

k.    Play Park – Equipment and signs – Update and allocation of tasks. (Chairman – Decision – All)

l.      VE Day Bench – Verification of site suitability – Update and allocation of tasks. (Chairman – Decision – All)

m.  Springwells Island – Update and allocation of any required tasks. (Chairman – Decision – ALL)

n.    Springwells Area Decoration – Schedule, quotes and allocation of tasks. (Chairman – Decision – ALL)

o.    Cemetery – New rental contract for horsefield – contents and allocation of tasks. (Chairman – Decision – All)

11.      Planning Applications (Comments on new applications – All) (if required).

12.      Closed session - Cricket Club Agreement – Update, decision and allocation of task.  (Chairman – Decision – All)

Next Meeting: Tuesday 9 March 2021 via Zoom or in the Sports pavilion at the Recreation Ground.