May 2021 Minutes Annual Parish Council Meeting


APPROVED Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday 4 May 2021 via Zoom

Present: Cllrs C. Woodhead (Chairman), P Major, R. Stafford, V. Vince, D Cope.

In Attendance: Mrs H Beaver (Clerk), C Cllr Hill & D Cllr Hansen (latter two until item13)

The Chairman opening the Meeting at 7.16pm

1.   Apologies for absence

015. None received, Cllr Surtees previously notified absence until July.

2.   Receive any new Declarations of Interest

016. There were no new declarations notified.   

3.   Election of Chairman

017. Cllr Woodhead was proposed to remain as Chairman. Cllr Woodhead agreed to the nomination and was unanimously elected as Chairman.

4.   Election of Vice Chairman

018. Cllr Major was proposed as Vice Chairman. Cllr Major agreed to the nomination and was unanimously elected as Vice Chairman.  

5.   Councillor Co-option

019. There were no candidates for Co-option. 

a.   Acceptance of Office & Declarations of Interest.

020. Cllrs Major and Woodhead signed the Acceptance of Office, Clerk as Proper Officer to sign on receipt, due to virtual meeting.

6.   Appointment of Members to Designated Roles & Responsibilities

021. The different roles and responsibilities were discussed and allocated as below. Clerk to publish the allocated roles and responsibilities.

a.   Finance Supervisor- Cllrs agreed this was not required.

b.   Toller Education Foundation Representative (Cllr Stafford)

c.   Contracts (Cllr Woodhead) & Tenancy Agreements (Cllr Stafford)

d.   Website Coordinator - Vacant

e.   Emergency Plan Coordinator (Cllr Major)

f.   Lead, Entrance Planters (Cllr Vince)

g.   News Sheet Editor (Cllr Woodhead agreed to continue temporarily)

h.   Village Hall Representative (Cllr Major) 

i.   Lead, Speed Feedback Signs (Cllr Woodhead) & (Cllr Labinjo TBA)

j.   Lead, Cemetery (Cllr Woodhead)

k.   Allotments Representative (Cllr Cope)

l.   Youth Probation Coordinator (Cllr Labinjo)

m.   Spring Wells Coordinators (Cllr Woodhead)

n.   Recreation Ground & CCTV Coordinators (Cllrs Woodhead, Cope & Major)

o.   Cricket Clun representative (Cllr Major)

p.   Primary School Representative (Cllr Vince)

q.   Traffic/Parking Co-ordinator (Cllr Surtees TBA) & Cllr Vince

7.   To Approve the Minutes of the last Meeting 

022. The Minutes of the Meeting on 9 March were unanimously accepted as a true record of the meeting. The Chairman signed the file copy.

8.   To Approve the previously circulated list of motions agreed via email since the meeting 9 March 2021.

023. It was RESOLVED by a show of hands to accept the previously circulated list as a true record of the motions agreed by email since the last meeting.

9.   Review & Adopt Asset Register

024. The previously circulated Asset Register and proposed amendments to include in-year purchases, were discussed. The Council unanimously resolved to accept the updated Asset Register.  Updated figure included in the FY2020/21 Annual Governance & Accountability Return (AGAR).

10.   To Adopt the Council Policies & Procedures

025. The Council unanimously agreed to adopt the previously reviewed Policies & Procedures: Code of Conduct; Communications; Complaints; Disciplinary & Grievance; Equal Opportunities; Financial Regulations; FOI & Data Publication; Risk Management; Safeguarding; Standing Orders. Including the mandatory GDPR documents & updates.

11.   Finance Report

a.   2020/21 End of Year Accounts & External Audit Return. 

i.   End of Year Accounts & Internal Audit. 

026. The previously circulated EoY accounts and the Internal Auditor comments were discussed. The End of Year Accounts and the Internal Audit were unanimously approved by the Council. 

ii.   Approval of Annual Governance Statement. 

027. The Annual Governance Statement of the AGAR was considered for approval.  It was unanimously resolved to approve the AGAR Annual Governance Statement.  The Chairman signed the AGAR, the RFO had signed before the meeting

iii.   Approval of Accounting Statement. 

028. The Accounting Statement of the AGAR was considered for approval. The figures from the EoY Accounts and previous year had been transposed and previously circulated. It was unanimously resolved to approve the AGAR Accounting Statement. 

The Chairman signed the AGAR, the RFO had signed before the meeting.

b.   2021/22 Accounts to date 

029. The previously circulated accounts to date and payments for approval were discussed. The Council unanimously authorised the income and expenditure to date.

12.   Update on Key Parish Matters

a.   Recreation Ground 

i) Appeal against pavilion rateable value.

030. It was Resolved by a show of hands that this should be presented at the July meeting having been completed by the Cllrs responsible for the Recreation Ground.

ii) Update on Pavilion electrical works and works to porch area.

031. The Chairman reported that all electrical works quoted for had been completed but there were six tubes that the Council hadn’t realised would need changing to be done at an extra cost. Once a written quote has been received and agreed this work could be done. Cllr Woodhead had cleared the rubbish out of the pavilion but asked for volunteers to help dispose of the tubes to be taken down. Cllr major agreed to help.

iii) Update on repair to playpark fence.

032. Clerk reported that there had still been no reply from the estate agent or landlord. Clerk to continue to chase.

iv) Decision on play equipment and wetpour

033. It was RESOLVED by a show of hands to go ahead with the order as previously agreed. Clerk to confirm order.

b.   Springwells Area

i) Update on Island 

034. Chairman reported that nothing further could be done to the island until after the nesting season so this would be reported on in the September or November meeting.

ii) Decision on duckhouse ramps renovation

035. Chairman reported that the Clerk had offered a ramp for use, but this work wouldn’t be completed until after the nesting season.

iii) Update on painting

036.After a discussion it was agreed that Cllrs were happy with all areas except for the allotment and Springwells gates and the post at the Springwells. Clerk to contact painter and ask him to address these queries.

iv) Update on VE Day bench

037. The bench has arrived and is in storage, fitting to take place possibly in June.

v) Decision on paving in front of all benches

038. It was RESOLVED by a show of hands to slab the area in front of the benches on the grassed area. Chair to obtain quote.

vi) Decision on signage for feeding advice, donations received and dogs in the pond.

039. An example of a sign mounted on a post to be used to display advice about feeding the ducks was discussed. It was Resolved by a show of hands, 4 votes for and I against, to agree to a sign of this sort being used but the specific type was to be explored further. It was also discussed that the brass plaque previously agreed, that would thank the people who had made donations towards the cost of works on the island, could be displayed on the same post. As there had been several instances of a  large dog being seen in the Springwells pond quite near to the island, it was decided that one of the Cllrs would speak to the dog owner concerned, rather than have another sign.

vii) Decision on the provision of food/food bins

040. After discussion there was a general agreement that food bins were not needed.

viii) Update on planters, allocation on tidying and maintenance work, immediate requirements and ongoing.

041. A parishioner has volunteered to do the planters at the Springwells. Cllr Vince volunteered to tidy the edges. Once all works are complete, the area will be monitored to assess if a caretaker is required going forward.

c.   The Cemetery.

i)   Agree update to the Cemetery Regs

042. It was RESOLVED by a show of hands to accept the previously circulated amendments to the Cemetery regulations. Clerk to action.

ii)   Decision on installing posts at Cemetery/allotments to prevent parking on grassed area.

043. It was decided to defer this matter to later, once the cemetery refurbishment has been decided.

d   Allotments and Aveland Site

i) Update on Aveland Site

044. No further update at present.

ii) Cutting of Aveland Grass

045. After a short discussion, it was decided not to take any action on this point.

iii) Decision re request for a wheelie bin.

046.The Clerk advised that the request was for a litterbin, rather than a wheelie bin. It was decided that as the problem to having a bin is that SKDC will not empty any more bins, then the Birthorpe Rd bin should be moved nearer to the allotment site for a trial period to see if this solved the problem. Cllrs to move bin and advise Clerk when done. Clerk to advise SKDC, once the bin has been moved.

iv) Feedback on comments received re BAGS Contract.

047. All the suggested, pre circulated amendments to the BAGS contract were agreed, and it was RESOLVED, by a show of hands to return these proposals to BAGS. Clerk to action.

e  Update on Speed Sign

048.The Speed sign had been dispatched and delivery imminent. Cllrs Woodhead and Labinjo to set up on arrival.

f.  Update on parking issues, signs, leaflets and patrols.

049. Cllr Vince reported that there was no update regarding the leaflets from the school.

Regarding the yellow lines C Cllr Hill advised that although the Traffic Enforcement Officer had notified the CC, the Parish Council still needed to apply. Chairman said she would action. Cllr Cope reported that the Traffic warden was visiting, not always at the most effective time.

g.  Discussion re temporary removal of dog fouling signs.

050. It was RESOLVED by a show of hands to not display them for a couple of months, so that they were fresh again for the Autumn.

h.  Keep Britain Tidy litter picking Campaign.

051. Cllrs agreed to organise a litter pick amongst themselves, Chairman offered to co-ordinate.

j.  Decision on allocation of works following quotes received for tree works.

052. It was RESOLVED by a show of hands to accept the quote from Simpsons for £700  + VAT for the tree work. Clerk to notify.

k. Update on Emergency Plan

053. Cllr Major reported that he had completed a lot of research and was in the process of putting together a draft that should be ready for the July meeting.

l.   Update on Jitties.

054. Updated earlier via C. Cllr Hill’s report at the APM

m. Possible purchase of flag and flagpole

055. It was RESOLVED by a show of hands to purchase a Parish owned flag pole and flag, and for the position of it to be decided at a later date.

o. Council Admin – Council Connect

056. The decision on this was deferred to the next meeting.

p. Date and personnel for Clerk’s appraisal

057. It was agreed that Cllrs Woodhead, Vince and Major would attend and the date to be confirmed via email.

q. Comments on planning applications

058. No comments received.
13.     Closed session – a) Update of use on Recreation Ground.

059. The Chairman read the required statement and it was RESOLVED by a show of hands to move into closed session. In accordance with the Public Bodies (admissions to meetings) Act1 960.

060. Cllr Major reported that having made contact straight after the last meeting, the Club seemed to be very positive initially, but he had heard no more from them even after trying to contact them several times.

14      To receive any urgent reports or correspondence from Members or the Clerk.

061. A concern had been expressed that the wall belonging to the Old Hall that runs along Church St was becoming a health and safety issue. The Clerk was asked to write to them to advise them of the situation. It is also to be reported to D Cllr Hansen.

062. The Council had received a request from a parishioner asking that the Council support her in a housing issue. It was agreed that on this occasion, the Council should support this request.

There being no more business the Chairman closed the AGM at 8.47pm.

Next Parish Council Meeting: 13 July 2021 in the Sports Pavilion, Billingborough Recreation Ground.